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STEAM (CTE, Robotics, Oceanography)

Robotics 6th wheel 7th and 8th

Robotics is a year-long course in which students will design, build and modify robots using the VEX IQ platform. Students will utilize STEM practices to become problem solvers and robotic innovators. Various design challenges include: building the fastest robotic race car, creating a mountain climbing robot, designing a robotic earthquake rescue and recovery system, engaging in “Clash of the Battle Bots” competition, and many more based on students’ interests. Through the incorporation of computer coding, students will have the opportunity to autonomously operate their robotic creations. Robotics is geared to the student who excels through participation in hands-on activities, collaborative problem solving, and technology enhanced engineering practices. 

Oceanography 7th and 8th

In this course, students will explore the wonders of the ocean. Marine ecosystems, conservation, and human impacts are central and recurring themes throughout the semester. Hands-on labs, interactive activities, and field work will guide the students’ discovery of the ocean’s mysteries and wonders. Marine wildlife such as: whales, dolphins, sharks, and sea lions, will captivate and inspire curiosity.  Students will explore the human impacts affecting our precious ocean resources and engineer solutions to address local problems. Oceanography will provide students with the opportunity to attend an authentic research field trip to Newport Beach, where they will become immersed in real-world scientific adventure and even go whale watching. If you are intrigued by the ocean, this is the course for you!

Career Tech 6th wheel

7th and 8th

In the Career Tech elective, students will learn valuable computer technology skills and be exposed to the high-paying and in-demand career opportunities that exist in the field.  Throughout the semester-long course, students will utilize cutting edge technology to create their own 3-D designs, produce a graphically designed T-shirt,  solve crimes using forensic science practices, develop coding skills, create computer generated animations, customize images using Adobe Photoshop, create and edit videos, engineer solutions to real-world problems using robotics, and much more. Career Tech is designed specifically to the student that is highly interested in 21st century technology skills, all the while, providing a career pathway to high school courses that are eligible to receive college credits.
career tech