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Students Run LA Marathon

SRLA (Students Run Los Angeles) is a marathon team. Marco Forster was the first middle school in the district to participate in the Students Run LA Marathon Program and is now in its eleventh year. The team consists of  8th grade students from Marco as well as local high school students who ran with us while at Marco. Coaches include teachers, administrators, and other running enthusiasts from the community. The team is sponsored by corporations under the SRLA organization as well as local San Juan businesses, PTSA, and The San Juan Capistrano Rotary.
The main goal or objective of SRLA is to help students work hard to set long-term goals, help with character development, and discipline.  By completing these goals, students can achieve great accomplishments, such as completing the LA Marathon.  Students train together for over six months to prepare for the marathon, and experience the benefits of improved health. The program instills discipline, determination and a sense of pride in those runners who accomplish their goals. 100% of the Marco Forster students who trained properly completed the LA Marathon with a strong sense of accomplishment. MFMS's mascot is aptly a Roadrunner!